Pastor’s Letter – July 11th

Pastor’s Letter – July 11th

Dear Friends,

I recently came across this gem from James Smith (1802-62).  Smith was C.H. Spurgeon’s predecessor.  This was quoted in the book “Knowing Christ” and it concerns the relationship of Jesus to the Holy Spirit.

Wherever the Spirit of Christ is, He …
Reveals Christ to the understanding,
Enthrones Christ in the affections,
Gives Christ the control of the will,
Endears Christ to the heart,
Glorifies Christ in the soul, and
Conforms the person to the lovely likeness of Christ.

There is so much contained in this short stanza, but I wanted to focus in on just a few of the statements (it is worthy of much deeper reflection).  What does the Holy Spirit do?

The Spirit “enthrones Christ in the affections”.  The Spirit of Christ opens our eyes to see the beauty and glory of the Son of God.  He not only opens our minds to understand who Christ is and what he has done, he draws our hearts to love our Lord and Saviour above all rivals: “the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace”.

The Spirit “gives Christ the control of the will”.  As we love Christ more, we begin to see and to grasp his infinite worth, wisdom and power.  As we begin to comprehend that “every spiritual blessing” is ours in Christ, the Spirit sets our hearts to obey, not from duty, but from delight.  He wins our allegiance by drawing from us love and awe.

The Spirit “conforms the person to the lovely likeness of Christ.”  As the Spirit of Christ directs our hearts, minds and wills to gaze upon Christ, he transforms us (see 2 Cor 3.18).  The victory of Christ on the cross is increasingly applied in our lives, and the “the life of Jesus … (is increasingly) revealed in our body” (2 Cor 4.10).

What an incredible privilege, that God himself dwells in and amongst us through the person of the Holy Spirit.  Hallelujah!

Cameron Munro
Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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