Pastor’s Letter – July 18th

Pastor’s Letter – July 18th

Dear friends

I hope you’re having a nice week and if you’ve been able to take some time off for school holidays that you’re getting some good rest in!

Everyday we face lots of decisions. My first big one of the day is my breakfast choice. Cereal, muesli, porridge? Or maybe today I have the time to get some bacon, eggs and hash browns going? I have to decide what to give my daughter too…. she might have already asked for porridge but I know that she’s probably going to change her mind. And do I let her make the choice today or do I just make her some of what I’m having?

There are plenty of bigger choices than breakfast of course. Things like, ‘what do we do with our free night this week? We’ve been meaning to catchup with this whole list of people, do we organise something? Or do we need a night in front of the TV?’ Even bigger… ‘I’m going to be seeing this person today who I know is struggling, what do I say to them?’ Or perhaps even bigger again… ‘I have to make a decision on who to hire for this role at work?’ Or maybe a longer term decision, something like ‘am I going to change where I live?’

There are decisions we have to make on the spur of the moment, ‘this person has just confronted me about something, how do I respond?’ Then there are decisions we might spend years agonising over.

It’s no wonder we sometimes get ‘decision fatigue’.

This Sunday Cameron’s starting a new series looking at chapters 1-3 of the book of James. One of the things James deals with is what the bible calls ‘wisdom’. Wisdom is all about taking our knowledge of God and the Scriptures and applying that practically in life. Having wisdom helps us make wise decisions in all sorts of circumstances. It might not mean all our decisions are easy, and it might not take away decision fatigue, but ultimately having wisdom helps us grow in faith, perseverance and maturity, and takes us on our course to receive the crown of life that God has promised us.

I’m looking forward to spending some time in James,

Matt Winter

Associate Pastor | Trinity Church Brighton
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