Prayer Points – August 22nd

Prayer Points – August 22nd

Our Ourselves  |  for our “wisdom” to be displayed in our “good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom”; that we would be prayerful.

Our Partner  |  for CMS SA/NT; for the Prins family as they seek to return to South Australia from Cambodia; for the Klein family restarting life in SA.

Our City & State  |  for our state government; for our city’s churches to grow in the grace & power of God.

Our Nation  |  for those affected in many different ways by the extended lock downs; for the roll out of vaccinations; for our leaders to be sustained in a taxing time; for cooperation between levels of government and different public agencies.

Our World  |  for Afghanistan; for a restraint of violence; for the rights & freedoms of vulnerable groups (women, ethnic & religious minorities) to be protected; for the church to stand firm.