Pastor’s Letter – April 17th

Pastor’s Letter – April 17th

Dear Friends,

I always find Easter a pretty exciting time of year. Partly for me it’s the autumn leaves changing, the weather cooling down (I’m a fan of cold weather), yummy hot cross buns and the other good food we have around this time of year. But I certainly also find it pretty special remembering the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection across the weekend.

If you’re able to join us for either our Good Friday or Easter Sunday services (or both, of course), we’d love to see you. I’m looking forward to both services.

On Good Friday we’re going to have quite a different vibe to what we normally do. It’ll be dark, sombre. We’re not having a sermon, but we will be hearing the Easter story read out for us and interspersing the reading with singing, prayers and time to reflect. We’ll also take the Lord’s Supper together as we journey with Jesus from the Last Supper to the cross. A few have asked about kids – we’re planning to have kids starting in the service on Friday. I think it will be great for them to be there for part of our reflective time, and they’ll be able to participate in the Lord’s Supper too. They’ll then head out to Kids Church where they’ll be hearing the rest of the Easter story via an excellent video. I think it’ll be a great morning to join us and invite others along. If you’re heading off on holidays, we’ll be done soon after 11 so for many there might be time to get along to the service, grab a coffee and a hot cross bun, and then head off to enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Sunday will feel a bit more like a normal church Sunday. We’ll have some great songs and a great time together as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Kids will start in and head out to Kids Church as per usual. I’m looking forward to preaching on the idea of the resurrection and why a living saviour is so much better than a dead martyr. We’re trying to make the morning particularly friendly for those who might not have been to church for a while or ever, so again a great opportunity to invite someone along.

Happy Easter, and hope to see you across the weekend!


Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006