Pastor’s Letter – April 24th

Pastor’s Letter – April 24th

Dear Friends,

Coming out of Easter, the next big event we’re looking towards is the commissioning of our new Senior Pastor Simon, which will take place on May 1st. It’ll be a special day as we welcome the Marshmans, and begin a new era of our church. It’s one we’d love you not to miss!

After the commissioning service we’ll also have lunch together. We’ve decided that rather than doing a sausage sizzle, we’re going to do chickens and salad. This will make it a little bit easier to coordinate on the day. We’re asking if people are able to bring a salad or some fruit for the lunch – thanks to those who’ve offered to bring something already. We still need lots more though so if you’re able to bring something, do reply and let me know?

Finally, if you missed it on Sunday, here’s a quick update from Simon – he’s looking forward to starting in a couple of weeks time:

See you Sunday,


Matt Winter
Associate Pastor
Trinity Church Brighton
0406 124 006