Prayer Points – August 7th

Prayer Points – August 7th

This week’s prayer points have a focus on Mission, as CMS Regional Director Mark Peterson helps us see our place in God’s picture for Global Mission

Our Church | This morning we’re praying that as a church we’d together grow to be mature disciples of Jesus. Pray that God, by his Spirit might keep making us more like his son and help us to know him better.

Our Partner | We’re praying for Bible College SA today. We pray for staff and students as the new semester begins, particularly for those who are beginning college for the first time. We pray that the college would continue to raise up more and more gospel workers for our city and our world.

Our World | We pray this week that God would send out workers into the world to bring about a great gospel harvest. Pray that we’d find ways to share the gospel wherever we are and that many in this city would be willing to be set aside for ministry and church leadership.

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