Pastor’s Letter – December 10

Pastor’s Letter – December 10

G’day Church,

First, an update for Minis families: unfortunately we’re not able to run Minis this Sunday, so please bring some activities for your Minis kids to do during church. Our team has been stretched very thin in recent months. We’ve seen an ongoing growth in the number of kids and therefore the leaders required to care for them well, and this has combined with a few leaders unavailable for illness or family reasons. We’re sad to cancel Minis because we’re so passionate about teaching our kids the gospel and helping them have a great time at church! If you’re in a position to help out with Trinity Kids in 2024, please do get in touch!

Second, please jump online and book your tickets for Christmas Eve Community Lunch. It will be very helpful to those who are planning the catering if we can book now to give an indication of numbers. We’ll have the flyers for letter-box drops this Sunday, and visitors and guests can still be invited right up to the days prior to Christmas Eve, so keep praying and inviting! But let’s help our catering team by making our own bookings soon – why not click on this link and do it right now:

Third, I’m excited to let you know about a great double header of events to fire us for mission, just the other side of Christmas:
Friday January 19th Bush Church Aid are hosting BCA Connect: an evening of learning about the wonderful work that God’s doing in the Northern Territory. Great talks, encouraging updates, good food and live music. All the info is here.
Saturday January 20th is the Church Missionary Society Summer Conference with programs for kids, youth and adults to learn about parts of the world that haven’t yet heard the gospel, hear from missionaries about life on the field, and enjoy some of the best singing and Bible teaching you’ll get all year. All the info is here.
I can’t think of a better way to get fired up for what God is doing in our back yard and across his great world. Why not schedule this weekend into your January plans now!