Prayer Points – January 7th

Prayer Points – January 7th

Each week we pray for our church, our network and our world. If you would like to let us know about prayer points for the Pastoral Care Team to be praying about please fill out our contact card here.

Our Church | We’re praying today for our magnification area. In 2024 help us be a church who lifts our hearts to God in worship and prayer. Help us to grow in love for the Lord Jesus as we see how compelling he is on this journey in the second half of Mark’s Gospel.

Our Networks | Let’s pray today for Bible College SA. We can give thanks that they are now in their hundredth year of teaching men and women the Bible and the skills needed to serve God in all sorts of roles. We can pray for a great year with lots of students and growth.

Our World | This morning we’re praying for those who suffer for their faith around our world. Give them courage to keep following King Jesus. We can particularly pray for churches in China where threats and intimidation from authorities are common.

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