Pastor’s Letter – January 21st

Pastor’s Letter – January 21st

Adjective: 1. having the shape of a cross. “a cruciform sword”
Noun: 1. a thing shaped like a cross

As we make our way through the second half of Mark we’re learning a lot about how the cross shapes our discipleship. We’re learning what that looks like in our attitudes and our behaviour, as individuals and as a community. It’s rich and challenging and inspiring stuff. This Sunday we wrestle with some of Jesus’ most confronting words as he talks about marriage and divorce in Mark 10. We need to be mindful that this topic is often tremendously painful for many in our church family. I doubt there are many households who are not impacted by divorce in one way or another. It’s a topic that is both deeply personal and always complex, where there are rarely simple answers to our questions. I’ve put some notes up on the Sermon Outline on the Sunday Hub to provide background reading for those who might be interested.

As we will see, Jesus is blunt and confronting in this passage because he’s dealing with the cynicism and ungodliness of the Pharisees. This is the Good Shepherd taking on some wolves in sheep’s clothing, and that certainly impacts his tone. But underneath the blunt statements that can seem so confronting, we’ll also see the tenderness of Jesus who longs to point us back to the beauty of the heart of God. And in so doing, he has some important lessons for us all – not just those who might be impacted by divorce – lessons for us all about what cross-shaped discipleship looks like and the incredible privilege of cruciform living.

See you on Sunday,

PS – My family and I had a great two week break. Thank you to those of you who were praying for our refreshment, which God was kind to bless us with. We’re delighted to be back with you again this Sunday and excited to be underway in a new year of seeing God at work in our midst.


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