Sermon Outline – January 21st

Sermon Outline – January 21st

Cross-Shaped Discipleship in 2024

MARK 10:1-12 | Simon Marshman


Jarring words for a sunny Sunday

  • Context that helps frame the discussion
    Regarding Mark’s description of the attitude of the Pharisees towards Jesus, see Mark 3:1-6, 7:5-13, 8:11-15, 12:12-17.
  • Regarding Deuteronomy 24:1-4 referenced in Mark 10:4 and the ongoing debate about divorce at the time, see Mishnah Gittin 9:10. This is a Jewish commentary that comes from about 100 years after Jesus, but refers to two key rabbis who were very influential at the time of Jesus: Rabbi Shammai (b 50BC, d 30AD) and Rabbi Hillel (b aprox 40BC, d 10AD)
  • Regarding Herod Antipas, see Mark’s account in 6:14-29 and the background found in Josephus Antiquities. Josephus was a Jew who became a historian of the Roman empire. He wrote Antiquities around 94 AD. Note that the fortress of Machaerus mentioned is in the territory ‘across the Jordan’ that Mark mentions in 10:1.

Jesus and the heart of the matter.

  • For further reading on the goodness of God’s design for human sexuality, see Glynn Harrison A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Flourishing.
    For further reading on how Christian marriage is shaped by looking to God’s heart, see Timothy Keller The Meaning of Marriage and Christopher Ash Married for God.

Divorce and remarriage?

Cross-shaped discipleship…

is radical but not legalistic

is lived in the shadow of the cross

is always a costly privilege


Next Week
Mark 10:13-31 | Simon Marshman