Sermon Outline – March 10th

Sermon Outline – March 10th

Keep Watch for Jesus

MARK 13 | matt Winter

1. What is Jesus talking about?

Jesus is primarily speaking about the time between his ascension (Approx. AD33), and AD70, especially the build-up to AD70 when Jerusalem and the temple would be destroyed.

Five Reasons:
1. The context
2. The question
3. The events line up with Acts
4. The specifics
5. “This generation will not pass away” (13:30)

But he also uses this “mini-apocalypse” to point us to how things will be for the whole time between then, and the time he returns to judge the world.


2. How is this encouraging us to think?

Calm v Alert

Not Paranoid v Not Blase

3. What is this encouraging us to do?





Reflection for Lent:

How do I feel about the state of the world today?

Is there anything I need to give over to Jesus today and trust him with?


Next Week
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