Prayer Points – March 10th

Prayer Points – March 10th

Each week we pray for our church, our network and our world. If you would like to let us know about prayer points for the Pastoral Care Team to be praying about please fill out our contact card here.

Our Church | Lets pray today for a great Easter Weekend together and that many would come and join us to think about our theme “Meet Jesus”.

Our Networks | We’re praying today for the Trinity Churches in the hills and Fleurieu region: Trinity Church Mount Barker, Victor Harbour and Aldgate. There’s lots to pray for – We can give thanks for a new venue for Mount Barker at Mount Barker High School and pray for a great public launch on March 17, we can give thanks for a great start to the year at Aldgate, and we can pray for Victor Harbour as they run their first ‘Taste and See’ course. We can also pray for the youth of these three churches as they gather together this weekend for ‘Impact Camp’.

Our World | This morning we’re praying for the poor, oppressed and marginalised in this world. Let’s pray for justice and that many would look to the hope of Jesus’ return.

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