Pastor’s Letter – May 5

Pastor’s Letter – May 5

Hi All,

As the Marshman family takes a well-earned couple of weeks off, I’m looking forward to the next three weeks at church where we’ll be welcoming some guests and thinking about how the gospel is spreading beyond ourselves.

This week Mike Waskiel from the Evangelical Students ministry at Flinders Uni is coming to preach for us from Colossians 1 – we’ll see in Colossians 1 how Paul encouraged the Colossian church that just as the gospel was doing its thing among them, so also was it spreading and bearing fruit across the whole world. That truth is still today with the gospel doing wonderful things in all sorts of places.

Mike together with Lauren will give us a glimpse of how the gospel is being proclaimed on campus, and then in subsequent weeks we’ll hear from John Warner who works with Bush Church Aid, seeing the gospel spread through our regions, and then following that on Pentecost Sunday Simon will be back to take us through the story of Pentecost, but we’ll also be hearing from Tamie Davis and CMS about how the gospel is spreading throughout the wider world.

They should be three really encouraging weeks!


Upcoming Dates:
Saturday May 11 – Adelaide Men’s Convention.
Saturday May 25 – Grace Conference for Women.
Saturday June 8 – Ladies Dessert Night at the Marshman’s