Prayer Points – May 12

Prayer Points – May 12

Each week we pray for our church, our network and our world. If you would like to let us know about prayer points for the Pastoral Care Team to be praying about please fill out our contact card here.

Our Church | This week we’re praying that we would be a church continuing to grow in maturity. Let’s give thanks for great sermon series so far this year (Mark’s Gospel + Good and True), and pray that our times in Exodus and Romans over the next few months would grow and strengthen us.

Our Networks | We’re praying today for Bush Church Aid. Let’s pray for John and the work he’s doing leading the ministry in SA/NT. We can pray too for the Hurley family in Broken Hill, and pray especially for great and growing kids and youth programs at their church – Saltbush Anglican.

Our World | Let’s pray this morning for peace in our world. We can give thanks at the local level for the frontline workers and all those who work hard to keep us safe and healthy. At the global level let’s pray for peace and a de-escalation in the many conflicts which continue across the world.

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